Lupita was born during a trip through Mexico, grew up in Sao Paulo, developed her personality in Buenos Aires and found her lifestyle while planning her move to London…
Lupita is a journey, a creative patchwork that combines tradition, art and craftsmanship, into a fun lifestyle accessory…

The Colourful Blankets
Our blankets are made by a family of artisans near Puebla, Mexico. Using an eco-friendly process, the fabric is made from 100% recycled fibers. The colours are produced in limited batches which makes each series very unique. The texture of the weave is delightfully versatile; cozy to wrap up in but also durable and casual to use as a picnic blanket.

The carrier
Lupita's leather carrier is made in Argentina by traditional equestrian talabarteros, bringing a sense of quality and hand made tradition. These belts are designed with vibrant colour combinations and textures, offering a flamboyant collection that merges classic +fun.

Artistic intervention
Each of the blankets are screen-printed with exclusive patterns designed by Latin American artists.
We commission artists working within an urban graffiti sensibility to “tag” the fabric. The blanket plays the role of a wall and references our inspiration from the street art of Sao Paulo.

A (fun) lifestyle accessory
Lupita is the type of piece that you can use however and whenever you want, from summer to winter, indoors and outdoors. It can take you out from the sofa to the park. Or if you are jetting off, pack one in your hand luggage to keep you cozy on the airplane.
It’s a bike-enhancing and a hint of ethnic deco for your home.